What is Seoul Guide Medical?

We are a fully licensed Korean company for medical tourism, consulting and service. We consult you, find you the best doctor and clinic for your case and take care of you during all your clinic visits. We translate for you, arrange airport pick, arrange accommodations and guide you so you can have the absolute best experience possible.

What is an example of the process?
  1. You contact us and we provide you an on-line consultation
  2. Once everything is set, you pay a small deposit for your procedure via credit card, bank transfer or crypto currency (procedures over 1000 USD usually require a deposit to the clinic if you want to book a spot)
  3. You come to Korea and airport pick up is optional
  4. You check into either your own accommodations or our apartments
  5. We pick you up from your apartment and bring you to the clinic. If you have other accommodations we provide directions to the clinic. Car service is also optional. If the car option is chosen then a driver will be waiting at the airport gate with a sign with your name on it
  6. You have your in-clinic consultation and usually the surgery is done on that day for people with tight schedules or the next day. We are there with you the entire time translating and helping you. We will be there on your side to help you. We also provide after surgery help which is so important has clinics don’t really provide this service well
  7. You will come back for check ups on a set schedule usually and we will be there each time guiding and helping you
  8. We check-in every 3 months with you for 1 year to make sure your recovery is going well. You can also contact us directly and we will be there for any after care concerns with no time limit.
  9. We also help secure you a warranty for your procedure at certain clinics. This is something no other medical tourism company does. Clinics normally never provide warranties but we may be able to secure one for you at no charge if you qualify
Why don't I just do everything by myself?

Using us gives you access to luxury service, inside knowledge, translators, guides, helpers and makes everything so much easier for you. We know everything about the clinics and doctors in Seoul. We know them all personally and know which doctor is the best for which case. We have a fiduciary duty to you, the patient and not to any one clinic. The service is free of charge to the patient and the patient does not pay more to the clinic by using us. You can go it alone but why would you when you can get a better result, have an easier time and have someone in your corner for the entire experience?

Seoul Guide Medical has been featured on NBC News, CBC News, Forbes Magazine and many other media and social media outlets. We are the largest and most trusted medical tourism company in Korea. We work closely with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and are very well connected in Korea. You will have a powerful resource on your side. You will have a friend in Seoul Guide Medical.

How much is your service?

The service is free for you. We do not work on commission either. We are both government sponsored and privately sponsored. We have contacts with all the top clinics and hospitals and therefore we are free to recommend the best doctor for your needs and hold no fiduciary duty to any one clinic. Our fiduciary duty is to the patient.

If you require extra things such as car service or accommodations then you will need to pay the car company or the accommodation company. In many cases, we pay up front for you (if you have sent in a clinic deposit) and you can pay us on arrival.

Which clinics and hospitals do you work with?

We work with all top clinics and hospitals. We will honestly tell you which clinic is right for you. In the end, we will give you the options and you will make an education decision but try to remember that we know everything about the doctors and clinics here and have seen there results for years. Taking our advice is highly recommended.

The procedure I want is out of my budget. What should I do?

Normally clinics do not accept payment plans. The procedure must be paid for in full before it is performed. Please be honest with us and tell us if the clinics recommended are out of your budget. If there is another doctor that is within your budget and can produce the results you want, we will get that doctor for you. If there is no other doctor which can produce the desired results in your budget range then we recommend to wait until your budget increases. Although Korea’s pricing is generally very competitive and great value as it is the #1 country for beauty, price alone should not be the determining factor. This is your body, it is important to give yourself the highest possible chance to get the results you want.

How long do I need in Korea for my procedure?

Non-Surgical procedures such as skin treatments, Botox, Filler and minor dental work require just 1 day to complete. Surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, calf reduction or similar procedures require 7 full days in Seoul because the stitches are usually removed on the 7th day and you need post-op visits. More intensive procedures such as breast augmentation, V-line surgery or liposuction may require 10-14 days here. We will tell you exactly how long you will need for your procedure during the on-line consultation so you can plan out your trip in advance.

I've sent in my deposit, now what?

If you have sent in your deposit then you can focus on setting up your trip to Korea. We will arrange your clinic appointment, set up transportation and accommodations if needed and organize things on this end for you. Your deposit guarantees your surgery spot and we will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry.

Which currency do I pay in?

We make things very easy for you. You can pay in Korean Won, USD, CAD, AUS, Euro or any other major currency. Normally clinics only accept Korean Won but we provide this service free of charge.

How do I get the Tax Free receipt?

If you have paid tax to the clinic for your procedure then the tax rate is 10%. Bring in your passport and we will get you the tax free receipt which will allow you to get back 7-8% of the tax paid when you are at the airport leaving Korea. You only qualify for this under Korean law if you are on a tourist or medical visa. If you have a working or student visa in Korea then you do not qualify for this.

I don't speak Korean. Will you translate?

Yes. You will get your own translator and helper for each clinic visit. We are also on-call for you for phone translation even outside of clinic related matters. We are here to help. Sometimes doctors or clinic staff speak English but communication is difficult due to cultural differences which can lead to misunderstands and unsatisfactory results. We are here to ensure you have every question answered and there is nothing lost in translation.

I need to cancel or reschedule my procedure. What do I do?

As long as you tell us in advance (1-2 weeks or more) then it is easy for us to change your schedule. If you only give us 1-2 days notice we can’t guarantee another procedure spot in your time frame as the clinic may be full. We will try our best to change the schedule but it is much better to stick to the original plan. Please keep in mind that clinics have to set aside a time slot specifically for you. If the doctor is meeting you then he can’t meet anyone else at that time. It is always better to keep your appointment time slot to be safe.

If you wish to cancel and have sent in the deposit the deposit will not be refunded by the clinic. Their deposits are non-refundable. If it is just a change of schedule then that is fine as long as it is in advance.

Can go touring and shopping after surgery?

If you have had a non-surgical procedure you can usually go shopping or sightseeing directly after treatment. If you have had a surgical procedure you should go to your accommodations and rest after surgery for the first 1-2 days. After that, most people usually feel well enough to go shopping or sightseeing but you should take it easy. Don’t worry if you are out in public with bandages or signs of surgery. You won’t be alone. There is no taboo against surgery here in Korea and you will see many people out in the streets, especially in Gangnam, who are out shopping and sightseeing after surgery.

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