We exclusively use the highest ranked dental clinic in Korea, the Oaks Dental Clinic with Dr. Chulmin Bae. He is one of the few dentists in the world who performs treatment using a dental surgical microscope and can do most of the work in just 1 day!  The Oaks Dental Clinic employs some of the most advanced and rare equipment that is on the market.  Whatever your need, from misaligned or missing teeth, they can help you with the perfect smile.


You can get the smile you have always dreamed of in as little as one day! A dental veneers is a thin porcelain shell that goes over a prepared tooth. These veneers will be made to match your facial dimensions perfectly so you. The number of veneers needed depends on the number of visible teeth in your smile line an if you want to do the bottom teeth as well.


Dental extractions and surgical procedures are done using a dental surgical microscope. What dentist can see with the naked eye is far less than what he/she can see with this equipment. However, most dentists do not do the investment in such equipment and undergo the training. Our doctors are the best in the world at operating with a surgical microscope.


Cavities can be treated in just 1 day using our service. The most common types of cavities can be fixed with: resin, porcelain in-lay, porcelain on-lay, procelain crown, E-max crown, veneer and Zirconia crown. We don’t recommend using any metal in your restorations. Such things as metal amalgam and porcelain fused to metal restorations have too many negatives and should be avoided.

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Our doctors use a variety of treatments to fix your smile and bite. Traditional braces are the best option for difficult cases and can take between 1-2 years. However, many patients qualify for clear aligners (invisalign) or behind the teeth braces (2D or lingual braces). These special types of treatments usually only take 3-6 months!


Missing teeth are aesthetically unpleasing and can cause severe bone loss in the jaw. Implants will fix this problem. If there is not enough bone in the implant area, a bone graft will be needed. After it heals, the implant is placed and left to heal. A post is then placed called an abutment and then the crown can be placed. Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap. These two or more anchoring teeth have the false tooth/teeth in between.


Invisalign is the clear alternative to mental braces, which can be both an eye and mouth sore.  Invisalign fixtures are clear and virtually impossible to notice.  The treatment can work to move misaligned teeth and correct a variety of problems, which can lead to excessive wear on the teeth, as well as infection.  Invisalign can do everything traditional braces, but in less time and with less hassle and pain.


For dental care we exclusively use the best dental clinic in Korea, Oaks Dental Clinic. Dr. Chulmin Bae graduated top of his class from the best school in the country, Seoul National University and has advanced degrees from Germany and Finland. Dr. Bae is among the the top dentists using surgical microscopes in the world. The Oaks has an on-site laboratory which means most treatment can be done in just 1 visit!