Seoul Guide Medical is Korea’s #1 medical tourism leader and is government approved to help international patients get plastic surgery, skin care, dental treatment, vision correction, general hospital care and more. We take care of everything and make your experience easy and simple. Our service is free for the patient! We provide, in your language: pre-visit consulting, airport pick up, accommodations, translation, post-op care and aftercare. As the largest and most trusted provider of medical tourism in Korea, we have been chosen as Korea’s medical tourism representative in major media such as American NBC News, Canadian CBC News and Forbes Magazine just to name a few. We are here to turn your dreams into reality.


Step 1: Contact us and you will get an on-line consultation. Our service is free of charge to you and the cost of your medical procedure will be the same if you use our service or not.

Step 2: Start packing and get yourself ready for Korea. We will guide you along the way and help you out with the details.

Step 3: We meet you in Korea and help you through the entire process from start to finish and beyond.


We are here to turn your dreams into reality. You are the most important person to us. Our focus and care will be 100% on you. We only work with the best doctors and top-rated clinics/hospitals in Seoul, as we have insider knowledge and relationships with all of them and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. With Seoul Guide Medical, you will have an advocate, a friend and a helper on your side.  We are here to hold your hand through the entire process. Contact us now and turn your dreams into reality.

Some of our Real Patient Reviews

jeks coreana seoul guide medical

Jeks Coreana


“For the past 6 months I have been using Seoul Guide Medical for skin and dental treatments. They have taken care of me every step of the way and I recommend them so highly that I even put them in some of my videos. It helps so much that they speak other languages including Spanish! My skin looks great and my the Invisalign braces treatment I am getting through is improving my smile every day. Thank you SGM!”

edward avilasgm 512

Edward Avila

United States

“I had my rhinoplasty through Seoul Guide Medical and everything was awesome. The staff really took good care of me before, during and after the operation. The doctor they chose for me was perfect. The nose is how I want it. It looks much better while maintain a more natural look. If you want the best, then this team is for you. There is now way I would go through this alone. Glad they were there to hold my hand.”

xander sgm 512



“For the past 2 years I have used Seoul Guide Medical to take care of my teeth, my skin and I chose them to help me with my Rhinoplasty as well! Without their help non of this would have happened. They fixed my broken nose from my bike accident, my skin has never felt better and I my teeth don’t hurt any more. They often show up on our We Fancy Youtube videos because they have become part of our awesome life in Korea. Cheers SGM!”

haeppy we fancy



“Having known Seoul Guide Medical for years now, I can honestly tell you that there is no one better than them for skin, dental, plastic surgery, laser eye and general hospital in Korea. If you want to have a procedure done go through them! I’ve gone to them for my skin care, removed hair, had laser vision correction, had non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty and have been to their recommended dentist. They always take great care of me and knowing them personally, I can tell you their goal is to make sure we are treated as best of possible.”

yaser khalifa seoul guide medical 512

Yaser Khalifa

Saudi Arabia

“I am from Saudi Arabia and many of the gulf region embassies ask me to advise medical tourism patients coming from abroad. I always send them to SGM because I trust them 100%. The the past several years they have taken care of hundreds of our people with excellent results. They are well known in Korea with a great reputation having worked with the government as well. On behalf of the gulf region embassies here in Korea, thank you to Seoul Guide Medical.”

amy sgm512

Amy Aleha


“For years now SGM has helped me and my friends here in Seoul get medical treatments. I also go to them for my teeth and teeth personally so I know they do a fantastic job. It is really comforting having someone to guide us and they are so knowledgeable. I can’t count the number of people I’ve recommended to them. There is a sea of people in Seoul they have taken care of. Keep up the great work SGM!”

Enji Eldev Seoul Guide Medical512 512

Enji Eldev


“I was recommended to SGM through my embassy for skin treatment and I am so happy they did! I was very scared because I can’t speak Korean well yet but they took care of me. I asked so many questions and they answered everything. Lots of my Mongolian friends now use this service. The SGM staff is there during the consultation in the clinic, during the procedure and afterwards as well. Even after when I had questions they answered it well for me because the clinics often don’t speak other languages well. Thank you SGM!”

susan james seoul guide medical512 512

Susan James


“I came to Korea in December of 2017 for a lot of plastic surgery. Ever since I turned 60 my eyelids sagged causing me difficulty when opening my eyes, my under eye dark circles and bags made me look 20 years older and I felt so heavy. I had upper and lower eye blepharopasty, lower eye fat repositioning, double chin lipo, arm lip, 360 tummy lipo, leg lipo and a tummy tuck. It all turned out so well! They even accepted my request to have this video recorded as I want to show other brave men and women about my journey. They took care of my grand daughter who is just 1 and came with me to Korea so well. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better!”