We are a government approved medical tourism service provider in Korea. We have access to all the top hospitals in: plastic surgery, vision correction, dentistry, dermatology and general hospital care such as cancer treatment and major operations like liver transplants and brain surgery.  We have native speakers who can accommodate a variety of languages such German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.  In addition, the cultural understanding we can provide is invaluable during the consultation process, as all our staff is highly trained to navigate cultural differences.


Step 1: Contact us and you will get an on-line consultation. Our service is free of charge to you and the cost of your medical procedure will be the same if you use our service or not.

Step 2: Start packing and get yourself ready for Korea. We will guide you along the way and help you out with the details.

Step 3: We meet you in Korea and help you through the entire process from start to finish and beyond.


We only work with the best doctors and top-rated hospitals in Seoul, as we have insider knowledge and relationships with all of them and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. We are fully licensed and all our partner hospitals guarantee their work.  From airport pick up, to help with transportation, to securing accommodations, and trouble shooting any problem you have, we will be with you ever step of the way, this is our guarantee!


With consultants catering to all regions, we continually strive for professional excellence bringing the higest level of service to our customers.

Tony | Vision Correction Hospitals Korea

Tony Medina


Tony founded this company so no international patients would have to go through the same difficulties he went through when dealing with medical and cosmetic clinics. He is Canadian and a very well known international citizen of Seoul and has worked with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the top doctors in Korea for years. He attained his undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, his masters degree from the University of New England in Australia and his Korean language certification from Seoul National University. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Korean.

Jerry Park: Patient Manager

Jerry Park

Patient Manager

Jerry was born in Korea but spent 20 years living in Germany, Turkey, and the United States. His international and local experience allow him to bridge the cultural gap between patients and Korean clinics and staff. Jerry completed his university degree in the United States and in Korea. He is a native speaker of English, Korean, Turkish, and also speaks German.

Julie Go: Seoul Guide Medical Dental Manager

Julie Go

Dental Manager

Julie was born in Korea but spent 20 years living in Canada. She returned to Korea a few years ago and is our main consultant for patient questions. She is very knowledgeable in the medical field and her understanding of both Korean and Western culture allows her to be a bridge between patients and hospitals. Julie completed her university degree in Toronto, Canada. She is a native speaker of English and Korean.

Skin Treatment Korea Hospitals

Yemin Gu

Office Manager & After Care

Yemin is from Taiwan and is a registered nurse. She spent years as a practicing nurse in Taipei dealing with international patients at a major hospital. Although she is still a legally registered nurse in Taiwan, she operates our company’s office and also takes care of patients from time to time after their surgeries to ensure everything goes smoothly. Yemin completed her university degree and nurse certification in Taiwan and her Korean language certification at the Seoul National University in Korea. She is fluent in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Middleeast | Medical Tourism Service Korea

Yaser Khalifa

Arabic Division Manager

Yaser is originally from Saudi Arabia and is a prominent member of the Arab Society of Korea. He has lived in Seoul for 10 years and heads up our Arabic speaking department with a staff of 15 under him. He works closely with the Arabic speaking embassies in Seoul and has even helped several royal family members from several countries. Yaser completed both his undergraduate degree and masters degree in Seoul. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and Korean.

Yang: Seoul Medical Guide Chinese Consultant


Chinese Consultant

Yang is originally from mainland China and was a news reporter in her home country. She heads up our Chinese language department and works closely with the local Chinese community in Seoul. Yang completed her undergraduate degree in China and her Korean language certification at Seoul National University in Korea. She is fluent in English, Chinese and Korean.

Yoo Kim: Plastic Surgery Manager

Yoo Kim

Plastic Surgery Manager

Yoo grew up in Las Vegas, USA and has worked for both Lockheed Martin and Google. She has degrees from both the United States and Korea. She runs our plastic surgery department and is a native speaker of both English and Korean. Her ability to bridge cultural gaps and communicate effectively will make your experience with us simple and easy.

Medical Tourism Service Seoul

Korotkova Tatiana

Dermatology Manager

Tanya is of both Korean and Russian heritage and was born in Russia. She has lived in various countries and speaks English, Russian and Korean fluently. Tanya studied at Seoul National University and is our dermatology department manager. She will take care of all your skin needs.

Khizova Anna : Seoul Guide Medical Translator

Khizova Anna

Anna is originally from Russia and studied in Korea at Seoul National University. She is one of our translators and deals with Russian, English and Korean language translations.

Seoul Dentist Medical Guide


Isaiah is a second generation American, with his parents both from Mexico.  He grew up in California and has a Bachelors in Religious Studies and History.  He has lived in Korea for 5 years and is married to a Korean and expecting his first child soon.