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Anti aging


Our dermatology clinics can help reverse the signs of aging through a variety of skin treatments. Botox and Fillers are used at skin clinics to combat aging but lasers are a great alternative as well. Lasers which use ultrasonic electrical impulses such as Shurink and Ulthera tighten up the skin and muscle and are known as laser face lifts. They have the added benefit of increasing collagen production over the next few months and the affects last up to 6 months usually. If you would like to tighten up your skin even more then the non-surgical thread lifting procedure can be done which places threads in the sides of the face to lift and tighten. The threads naturally dissolve over time and the results last 6-18 months. Contact us now and let Seoul Guide Medical help you to choose the best treatment for you.

Skin Treatment

Pores & Pigmentation

Pores can’t be reduced properly with topical creams or products. Only lasers can effectively minimize your pores and get your skin looking clean and smooth. One of the best pore treatments in Korea is the BB Laser.  Often one treatment works wonders. This laser works underneath the skin and does less physical damage than more conventional lasers such as Fraxel. Your pores are minimized and the recovery time is fast. Fraxel lasers often require you to walk around with a red face and one that is peeling for about one week. The BB Laser can make your face slightly red or not at all for 1 day and there is no peeling. However, some cases call for Fraxel like treatments. Here at Seoul Guide Medical, we will help determine what is best for you.

Pigmentation in the face can lead to an uneven skin tone and a dull look. There are now specific lasers which target only pigmentation areas to break them up. For example the Excel V laser targets pigmentation and over 3-5 sessions leaves your skin looking more even and healthier. Although even 1 session can help, multiple sessions are required for a full effect. Whitening injections can also be used during your treatment. In essence these injections even out your skin tone. One injection won’t change your color but it can help the evening out of pigmentation issues.



If you only have one day for your treatment you may be able to do combine things such as a lighter chemical peel (Aqua Peel is a great choice) and a laser to improve your skin pigmentation (such as Excel V), Pores (such as BB Laser) or a collagen lift (such as Shurink). Alone with the treatment there are many other parts to it which can be added to ensure you come out looking your best. Botox and Fillers and even Thread Lifting can also be done in a day. Contact Seoul Guide Medical now and find out what is right for you.

Hair Care


Hair transplantation is available for both men and women. Depending on your case, one of three treatment options will be available: Direct Fue Transplant (for those who have had a hair transplant in the past or want minimal scarring), Follicular Unit Transplantion (normal methods of hair transplantation) or Smartstem Hair Transplation (using stem cells and advanced PRP). Please send us photos of your head from the front side and back so we can determine which treatment is right for you.

Skin Care


Our skin clinics are here to treat many kinds of dermatological issues. For example, permanent acne treatment through the AGNES acne treatment program (a two day program) removes the source of acne at the root. Other dermatological issues are done on a case by case so contact Seoul Guide Medical today with your photos and details so we can consult you.

Healty Skin


Seoul Guide Medical works with the best skin clinics in Korea. We have multiple clinics and two of the top ones are Renovo Skin Clinic located at Gangnam Station and Amoa Skin Clinic located at Cheongdam Station. Renovo is headed up by Dr. Kim and uses a facial analyses system to help determine what you need. Amoa Skin Clinic is run by Dr. Suh and also houses a stem cell laboratory on site.