Legal Seoul Medical

Licensed Corporation

Seoul Guide Medical is a subsidiary of Seoul Guide Korea Incorporated which is a legal corporation in South Korea based in Seoul. To ensure complete quality control, the corporation is not publicly traded. Instead, all stocks are held privately under Korean law. The corporation is full insured by the Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company and is authorized to take part in business activities covering: medical tourism, consulting and services. The corporation has fully legal and signed contracts with the best clinics and hospitals in and around Seoul.

Medical Tourism Certificate

Seoul Guide Medical as part of Seoul Guide Korea Incorporated in addition to having a corporate business license and associated paperwork also possesses a medical tourism certificate with no expiration date and is licensed for service and consulting as well. The medical tourism certificate from the Korean National Government allows Seoul Guide Medical to handle every aspect of your medical tourism journey and even help you attain a medical visa to Korea.

Payment Policy

There are two methods to pay for the treatment(s) and service(s) you request. The first method is to pay directly to our company while the second method is pay the hospital or clinic. For non-medical services, payments can be made to our company by Paypal, bank transfer or in cash. For medical services, many hospitals require a deposit to book your procedure which you can send by money transfer to the hospital’s bank account. You may the rest of the fee to the hospital or clinic directly. They all accept VISA and MasterCard but please ensure your daily limit is high enough to pay for the treatment as all treatments must be paid for in advance. Paying in cash is the most common method and often has rewards such as extra services and discounts in Korea.

Refund Policy

If you do not undergo the treatment but have already paid either the medical facility or our company, a refund will be provided following the medical facility’s policy minus the deposit paid as the deposit is non-fundable. If you have undergone treatment or have started treatment, the fee is considered non-refundable. For non-medical services such as package tours, transportation and so on, payments can be refunded only if the services are cancelled with 24 hours or more notice. No refund will be possible with notice shorter than 24 hours.


All medical procedures are fully guaranteed by the hospitals and clinics and they are fully liable. Please check with the hospital directly or ask us if you wish to see their specific guarantee policy. Our company guarantees that we will provide you with the best service possible and take care of you every step of the way.